Monday, May 31, 2010

Sorry Piczo but I switched to Blogger

As i have said in my first post I have my other blog in Piczo and since I found out about this cool site I stopped posting in it. I'm now busy customizing this new blog haha :)
But I'm still thinking what am I gonna do with my piczo blog.I still want it but its pretty hard to manage two blogs at a time.I know you know that.
I have 2 choices.Either I delete it,but that would be awkward. or if I nothing? maybe I'll just visit it sometime if I'm in mood to visit it.
Help me guys to decide.what shall I do with my other blog?I dont want to abandon it but I dont know what to do with it.

At first I thought Piczo was the best blogging site,but as they say 'addictions dont last forever' and i think it changes from time to time. So that's it.Blogger has caught my attention and I think its my new addiction :) (not mentioning facebook,that's the coolest site ever). I just hope my friends use this site too so it would be more fun.

Anyway, I'm still finding ways to make my blog better. from the designs,gadgets,template and the way I write my posts. and I hope you'd mind to follow me,that would be a great contribution to make my blog better :DD.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Summer is over;the rainy days are here.

Let the rain fall down and wake my dreams let it wash away my sanity 'cause I wanna feel the thunder I wanna scream let the rain fall down I'm coming clean, I'm coming clean

Okayy,so since last week its been raining until today and maybe up to the next weeks.They mentioned it in Tv that this coming month of June would be a rainy season,isnt it?(if you think im wrong that means you dont watch news :P) And it just shows that summer is almost over ,but no big deals.I miss the sunshine! I dont seem to like the rainy days that much,really. You know,getting wet,no outdoor activities without umbrella or And slow or no internet connection is a big arrrrggghhhhh! That’s worse.And we cant go.........ssswwwiiimmmiinngg!!!!:(

Anyway I live in the Philippines,I mentioned it because we have different seasons. I know that in America,summer is just approaching. So enjoy your summer guys!:)

~I wanna say thanks to CH Voon for being my first follower.check out his blog. :)

hello bloggers

obviously,this is my first post but this is not the first time i made a blog.
i have my other blog on piczo where i made 21 posts already.i was just bored so i looked up for lists of social networks and blogging sites and then i found this. and guess what? surprisingly,i saw i already have an account i made last january.haha that means i have definitely forgotten all about this account,that i abandoned it before. well that's because i was unaware of what i have to do in this site.but now i know already,imma be making some more posts sooner or later =).
ill just try not to mess up with my blogs.
anyways,if ur interested with my blog,don't hesitate,please follow me.i'd be really glad :)

i dont have much to say now so that's it.and again,dont forget to follow me.=)