Monday, May 31, 2010

Sorry Piczo but I switched to Blogger

As i have said in my first post I have my other blog in Piczo and since I found out about this cool site I stopped posting in it. I'm now busy customizing this new blog haha :)
But I'm still thinking what am I gonna do with my piczo blog.I still want it but its pretty hard to manage two blogs at a time.I know you know that.
I have 2 choices.Either I delete it,but that would be awkward. or if I nothing? maybe I'll just visit it sometime if I'm in mood to visit it.
Help me guys to decide.what shall I do with my other blog?I dont want to abandon it but I dont know what to do with it.

At first I thought Piczo was the best blogging site,but as they say 'addictions dont last forever' and i think it changes from time to time. So that's it.Blogger has caught my attention and I think its my new addiction :) (not mentioning facebook,that's the coolest site ever). I just hope my friends use this site too so it would be more fun.

Anyway, I'm still finding ways to make my blog better. from the designs,gadgets,template and the way I write my posts. and I hope you'd mind to follow me,that would be a great contribution to make my blog better :DD.

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